Premier consultancy in agency search & relationship management

Why SRI?

our philosophy

Finding the right partner requires a rigorous process.

We believe that clients don’t hire agencies—people hire people. Over the years we’ve developed a proprietary process that uncovers the best and the brightest agency teams for every client situation. Our process gives our clients a real sense of the people who will work directly on their business so they can make an informed decision.

Changing partners is a serious business.

Confidentiality is absolutely critical. All contact with SRI is completely confidential, regardless of whether a client decides to retain our services.  Further, we don’t believe in making a change if there is a reasonable way to avoid it. We always explore ways to address the challenge before initiating a formal review.

We remain totally objective and impartial.

Guided by the highest integrity and professional ethics, we help our clients define their needs, find the best resources that meet them and then provide the optimum conditions for assessment. We facilitate the process. Our clients make all the decisions.                      

Our job doesn’t end with an agency selection.

The courtship, marriage and honeymoon in agency selection are just the beginning. We follow up after every review to make sure expectations are being met.