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SelectResources University

There’s a statement that has been tossed around the advertising industry for decades—clients get the advertising they deserve. This sounds negative, but unfortunately we’ve found it to be true.

Considering the budget and human resources clients devote to advertising, and the significant role it can play in driving their business, it makes good sense for them to ensure that they are doing all they can to maximize the return on this investment. We believe passionately that the biggest variable affecting the ability of an agency to produce world-class work is the quality of the partnership it has with its client.

World-class clients do a better job of getting world-class advertising and results in the marketplace. A course or two in our own SelectResources University can get you there.

SR University is our way of helping clients and agencies get the most out of their relationships.

SR University is taught by a world-class faculty of senior client and agency executives who have spent their entire careers in executive marketing positions with blue chip agencies and their clients.

We teach. We coach. We engage you and your team to be world-class partners who will motivate and empower each other to meet and beat your marketplace goals. Our courses are customized for your team, your culture and your objectives.

Real-world case studies, group interaction strategies, role-play techniques and a personalized action plan for your people offer powerful insights into what it takes to build a world-class partnership that empowers your agency to deliver groundbreaking work that produces powerful marketplace results.

The following is a menu of course modules that we use to customize your program. In addition, we work with you to fine-tune this information and add topics to make your training program highly effective for your particular situation. We also take into account the level of experience and seniority of class participants.