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According to Ad Age, SelectResources International is “the Google of Consultancies.” Over our 20 year history, we have become the foremost experts on pinpointing the best agency resources to meet our clients’ needs and accelerate their growth.

Whether you’re looking for a fully integrated solution or a specialty agency, our proven process and deep agency knowledge can lead you to a winning outcome. That’s why 70 percent of the partnerships we’ve helped create are still together after five years. And why 65 percent of our business comes from clients we’ve worked with in the past.

Why use a Search Consultant?

Finding and changing agency partners is serious business. Can you afford to go to school on your own dime? Are you up to speed on the ever-changing agency universe? Are you comfortable making this important decision on your own—without the benefit of an experienced third party that can help you understand the dynamic nature of today’s marketplace, the changing patterns of consumer behavior and even the best compensation practices?

Our senior partners will ensure you meet the very best. After a deep immersion in your business situation and a thorough exploration of your needs, we can quickly identify and expose you to a much broader and more relevant set of candidate agencies than you or your colleagues could uncover on your own.

We maintain close, up-to-date relationships with the best and the brightest agencies of all sizes and capabilities worldwide, allowing us to offer unmatched knowledge of today’s agency marketplace.

Our knowledge is on the cutting edge of how clients and agencies want to work together to best leverage the changes in consumer behavior and brand engagement brought about by technology and the proliferation of channels and media. We strive to stay abreast of agency developments and new work so we can bring these up-to-date insights to our clients.

Because of the volume of reviews that we manage, we see in real time how the world’s leading agencies are evolving their business models and skill sets to address changing consumer behavior and the new media landscape.

Each year our senior partners visit over 300 agencies across the country, and on average two agencies visit our own offices each day. Beyond the best creative shops, these include the key offices of the major media firms as well as best-in-breed stand-alone and specialty digital shops. We meet their principals, see their latest work, assess their culture, and understand their core competencies, their experience and their capabilities for delivering fully integrated, channel-neutral consumer communications experiences. We understand how these firms work to deliver on our clients’ needs, and we also understand the importance of balancing the optimum ROI on a client’s advertising investment with the achievement of a mutually profitable win-win relationship.

You save time and money. Finding the right resources on your own has a high cost in executive time and can be enormously disruptive to your team’s ability to focus on your ongoing business priorities. Working with SRI enables you to stay focused on your business while we take care of the time-consuming details and logistics of the search. Plus, many clients benefit from bringing us in on a project basis, keeping permanent payroll costs down.

You gain greater control. SRI will help keep your team insulated from the onslaught of unwanted agency contact, but you won’t sacrifice any control in the process. Our facilitator philosophy ensures that our clients make all the decisions. We prefer to work as unobtrusive and objective consultants. Our clients determine the degree of hands-on involvement they want throughout the process. We are flexible with attendance at key meetings, and we endeavor to provide our clients with full agency access throughout the various stages of the review. In sum, we facilitate the process; our clients make all the decisions.

Expert guidance at a reasonable cost. At SelectResources we take a real-world approach to conducting reviews. We discourage make-work exercises, focusing instead on the serious interaction and thinking that accelerates our clients’ growth. Our finalist assignments are typically based on the first major deliverable the new agency will be expected to produce. We integrate detailed briefings and in-depth work sessions into the process to enable meaningful dialogue and substantive client feedback so that the final product has a collaborative strategic underpinning. At SRI, our goal is not just to help our clients find a new resource, but to leave them feeling that they are beginning a giant leap in their overall marketing effectiveness.

A track record of success. After 500+ reviews and projects representing over $20 billion in marketplace investment, we know that our disciplined and iterative process can work for you. Please take a look at our clients and the work we have done for them.