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Why SRI?

10 reasons to call


Our commitment to success and results.

Success to us is a win-win proposition. The clients who retain us improve the return on their marketing investments, increase their profitability and accelerate their growth. The agencies that become their partners enjoy enduring, profitable relationships based on collaboration that produces great work.


Our experience.

There is no substitute for experience. Ours includes over 500+ major reviews and projects involving over $20 billion in billings, working with domestic and international companies, from family-owned brands and start-ups to the world’s largest advertisers.


Our track record of creating successful partnerships.

70 percent of the partnerships we’ve helped create during the past five years are still in place. And what’s more, 65 percent of our work at any one point in time comes from individuals and companies we have worked with in the past. Our clients are our best advocates.


Our unmatched knowledge of the agency universe.

We make it our job to stay connected with the best and brightest agencies so our clients get access to the talent, capabilities and experience that are right for them. No other consultancy sends senior people to canvas the country. Each and every year we meet with over 300 individual firms. This includes cutting-edge creative shops, the major global networks, small and large media firms, and the best specialists in everything from digital to multicultural work.


Our disciplined process.

Agencies will tell you they prefer the way we work. Participants in our reviews appreciate our thorough briefs. They like working with a professional firm that is honest, objective and totally transparent in its communication with both clients and agencies. We keep costs to a minimum and complete every project on time and on-budget. Our reviews provide a great learning forum and are never make-work.


Our problem solving skills.

The juicier the problem, the better. We thrive on helping our clients solve their toughest agency relationship challenges. Whether it’s an agency search, compensation consulting, agency model consulting, an SRI-facilitated relationship management intervention program or customized training via SelectResources University, SRI has the tools and experience to meet your needs.


SelectResources University.

World-class clients do a better job of getting world-class advertising and results in the marketplace. A course or two from our own SelectResources University can help our clients get there. SRU teaches the core philosophy, approaches and key components critical to achieving successful win-win marketing partnerships.


Our team model.

All projects are led by one of our senior partners who is supported by a team of experienced professionals with the required know-how and impeccable credentials.


Our reasonable fees.

We work strictly on a fixed-fee basis, regardless of how long a project takes. There are never any hidden charges or unexpected add-ons as the work unfolds. We are as committed to being as cost-effective and efficient as you are. Expenses are estimated in advance and billed at cost.


Our industry recognition for excellence.

Adweek magazine ran a cover story entitled "What Agencies Think of Search Consultants." Thirty of the nation's top ad agencies evaluated 12 of the most active search consultants. One company dominated the survey by placing first in 6 of 7 categories. That firm was us—SelectResources International.