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compensation consulting

Compensation and staff planning play an important role in each and every agency review we manage. After 20 years and 500+ reviews we have amassed significant experience helping clients and their agency partners craft win-win compensation agreements.

We’ve often been called upon to lead complex compensation consulting projects outside of a pitch situation. In every scenario, we tap into our extensive database of agency costs and industry benchmarks and draw upon ANA and 4As compensation best practices.

Our philosophy on agency compensation is simple. We believe that any approach to compensation that does not allow for a win-win relationship between the client and their agency is flawed from the outset.

For our clients, this means compensation should be fair and reasonable when benchmarked against best industry standards and practices.

For agencies, this means the potential to make a reasonable profit on the business. Without profit, the quality of the relationship will deteriorate, the caliber of the talent on the business will decrease and the agency’s work will worsen in direct proportion to the agency’s loss.

We believe that the best relationships between client and agency occur when the agency’s financial success is directly linked to the client’s business success, and the two work together as true business partners. What’s important is to craft arrangements that incentivize an agency to work smarter and not necessarily spend more of their client’s money.

And finally, we believe clients are entitled to demand fiscal responsibility, flawless financial stewardship and transparency in the financial management of their account.

You’ll see that when it comes to compensation, it pays to have SRI around.