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agency-model consulting

It’s a digital world—new technology, new channels, new devices, new tools and new ways of working.

Consumers are in control. Marketers have one business cycle to get it right. They need to do more with less ($, time and resources). The one thing we can depend on is change.

Today’s clients want to be on the cutting edge with what’s most effective now. They seek a balance between innovation and accountability where digital is core, with best-in-breed resources and talent in every discipline.

Importantly, they also want creative strategy aligned with media strategy to achieve deeper consumer engagement and ultimately higher levels of consideration and purchase.

To adapt to this fast-paced environment, many clients find they need to reevaluate their relationships with external partners, rethinking the work that they ask these partners to perform. As a first step they approach us for help ensuring that their agency model is right for them. SRI has developed a deep consulting practice around this strategic and often transformational exercise.

It begins with a discovery and assessment process to identify all appropriate considerations, including scope of marketing output, organizational structure, cultural work style, level of investment, and future business and marketing objectives. We then leverage our own knowledge of client and agency best practices and the agency resource universe to develop a customized solution that directly answers our client’s needs.

We work with clients on both U.S.-specific and global frameworks, and we focus on helping them embrace a model which can be deployed in a real-world manner. Often the recommendations do not require partner changes, but instead encourage a reinvention of their mission.